If all else fails, don't hesitate to put duct tape on the cymbals to mute them a bit. Hitting a cymbal softer gets the same result as hitting a drum harder in the context of the whole kit. We offer services for every genre of music, but specialize in Hip Hop and R&B. Make a recording that showcases your music to get radio plays, sell at gigs, raise awareness and gather fans. A room mic or two blended in slightly can be nice, but a lot of variables go with that. How can I get a more fuller, alive sound when miking my alto sax? Let the sandbag touch the head (that the beater hits) just enough to dampen out any obnoxious overtones, but not the good, natural sounding ones. Mixing. Kits are changed, heads are changed, cymbals are changed, heads are taped up, heads are un-taped, mics are selected, mics are changed, the kit is surrounded with mirrors, the kit is placed on wood, head damping devices are used, mini pads are cut in half and placed on heads, two kick drums are taped together (end-to-end), and after all these variations are tested, the whole process may begin again with yet another kit, or worse yet, another drummer. Sometimes the musicians themselves want to make all of the mix decisions, but in many of these these cases the results have been less than what we are capable of doing. More Call or Text! So even though great mics are helpful (and top-notch mic cables too), you can make a super recording even if you don't have the most expensive mics in town. The following is a list of all songs by The Velvet Underground, excluding those after the departure of Lou Reed on the Squeeze album and the reunion tour. Underground Recording Studios, Perth, WA. Tha Underground Studio is Nashville's only Urban focused recording studio located in the heart of the legendary Music Row. 4241, rue Frontenac That will give better separation, and also reduce the amount of low end from the toms that is picked up in the cymbal mics. Gear marketing tells you we can have a great studio in your bedroom. Sites: Facebook, scottvestal.com [l825890] Label . Tighten the head some more, and stand on it again, carefully. In the case of studio recordings, the album title and date of album release have been included. Vervit Underground is a recording studio based in Durban, we rent out our studio and produce our own music, have a listen to some of my work. Another excellent example of a drummer who plays his cymbals like musical instruments, not like therapy objects. Vervit Underground is a recording studio based in Durban, we rent out our studio and produce our own music, have a listen to some of my work. Guess what? Recording. He plays them so lightly it's almost like he only wants them there for a slight sparkle, in most cases. Assign the cymbal on the other side of the kit to the same track as the floor tom (track #5) for the same reason. You’ll have your pick of equipment — everything from microphones to electronic mixing consoles. Inside the Underground World of LA's Home Recording Studios. Don't you just love it when someone has a costly answer to your question? It offers a … You may not even need padding like this, but often it helps. In any given year, we at TAXI listen to over 40,000 tapes. I go into my computer and use Free Filter to apply more eq, and I can always use the speaker simulator (though I find the tone the simulator lacks a lot of ambience). Next, get some duct tape, and take a six-inch piece and curl it into a sticky-side-out donut. Film/Music/Photography. Additional information is available at or by contacting Matthew Lincoln at (865) 573-5269. See the studio before you arrive. — Assign the high tom to track #4, the mid tom to tracks 4 & 5, and the floor tom to track #5. Once I bought some cheap AKG condenser mics that years later brought a hefty asking price because they sounded sweeter than 451's, so consider keeping around any mic that's in good shape. Do they actually think the drum sound will sell any more records?!! Live Sound Production & Underground Recording Studio located in Roswell, Georgia, is here to help you. I ran each stereo pair through the Signature Series Black Lion modded pres on my Pro Tools Digi003 Rack. Generally, pick a lug that isn't exactly where the mic will be. Underground is a recording studio based in Montreal. The warmth comes from there, the highs come from the center. I'm also assuming you don't weigh 300 lbs. Underground Studios Contact Info: 615.429.6835. Your input levels should be peaking around -2db VU. Rent a good mic pre or all-in-one channel piece like the Avalon 737SP or the Pendulum Quartet - then sum your guitar mics using a Nautilus COMMANDER 8-channel discrete Class-A mixer for high resolution and defined imaging. Labels: AKG 451, Rode NT5, Shure SM 81. the edge tracks are less stable, but the symptom is drop outs and glitches, not fading in-and-out high end (like analog). band & artist news, reviews, interviews, videos & gossip UK & worldwide. When it comes to tree care, each service provider has its own processes and procedures to follow. Have the drummer do a two-stroke on each tom in succession and you should hear a nice even "tacka—tacka—tacka" moving from one side to the other (I usually pan track #4 full left and track #5 full right). Mastering. 1.4K likes. The world of sound is at your fingertips. JV: sounds good, Jeremy. -Pete. Our studio is available to record your voice-over tracks. I cannot emphasise this principal enough. Follow us. Once again, the further the mics are from the drums, the roomier the sound, but you'll have to pay more attention to possible phase cancellation problems. Posted by The Underground Recording Studio at 7:25 AM 0 comments. The Underground Recording Studio, Inc. is a Colorado Corporation filed on June 26, 2000. Be systematic in tracking down the culprit. Acoustic Stereo Mic Shoot Out Between the AKG C451B, RøDE NT5, and the SHURE SM81, http://www.johnvestman.com/secrets_of_miking.htm, Great Drum Sounds: How to Get Great Sounds from your Home Studio. If you have the luxury of plenty of inputs and tracks, go ahead and mic the hi-hat, but chances are you won't need to. UnderGround Soundz Recording Studio, Columbus, Georgia. Mic all three toms with the 421's set at a 45 degree (or there abouts) angle to the drum head with the end of the mic (the capsule end) pointing at an imaginary spot about 2" past the rim nearest you as you place the mic (this is assuming you're working from the audience side of the kit). Recording Studio located in Columbus,Ga area. You'll get enough hi-ht bleeding in to the other mics. 1.3K likes. Please bring a thumb drive or external hard drive to back up and secure your music files! Once I had miked two amps side by side, and after one amp got taken away, I pulled up the mic that was left miking the air next to the remaining amp. In the meantime, here's what you can try: use new heads, preferably Ambassadors or Pin Stripe heads. Here are some facts that characterize us on a day-to-day basis. New, 22 comments. Nothing makes a home recording, any recording for that matter, sound better than great drum sounds. I come from the old school - Vintage Strat through a Marshall amp on 10 with a Fuzz Face. The secret to a great drum sound is a great sounding drum that is heard above the cymbals. Email This BlogThis! THE UNDERGROUND RECORDING STUDIO, INC. COLORADO CORPORATION: WRITE REVIEW: Address: 2063 Ferree Dr Grand Junction, CO 81503: Registered Agent: Mark A. Simpson: Filing Date: June 26, 2000: File Number: 20001125961: Contact Us About The Company Profile For The Underground Recording Studio, Inc. ProTools based recording studio in Bolingbrook IL Established in 2006 by Thomas Yurik and Tammy Thomas. Some mics sound fatter than others, like a Sennheiser 421 is fatter sounding than an SM57.

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