Also, the free-range chickens do get fewer nutrients compared to the one on the feed, also they tend to experience some stress if they encounter any predators. Naturally, these unique new birds caused quite a stir. The Ameraucana has the blue-egged trait of the Araucana but without its tuffs and rumpless characteristic. The ancestors of the modern Araucana chicken were purportedly first bred by the Araucanian Indians of Chile – hence the name “Araucana”. The Egg Lady on Dable Road in Mukwonago, Wisconsin has quite a good business selling Araucana eggs. Their eggs having blue color due to the retrovirus insertion into the genome results in gene activation which produces blue eggs. We have Ameraucanas in our backyard flock and we have noticed that the hens have stunning long laying season. With a rate of about 250 eggs a year, they are small but mighty egg layers. It is caused by a pigmentation that is produced within the chicken. They were accepted by the American Poultry Association (APA) as a distinct breed in 1984. Egg production is increasing and eggs will be abundant in a few weeks. The Ameraucanas chickens have well spread and medium length tail, muffs, broad heads with large eyes and a pea comb type. Some people do like this uniqueness. Chickens are always going to have a unique personality. Their … Araucana chicken is a very beautiful breed and also known for their ability to lay colored eggs. In the 1930s the Blue Araucana eggs were taken from New Zealand to Australia, later the breed was standardized in the 1980s. Schijndelaars attained last the age of … Edges of their wings and tail feathers can have blue/slate or black edging, helping to indicate which color variety they are. Although it does not weighs as much as the other meat chicken breads, the Ameraucana is typically raised for meat in the US. Egg Production Of Araucana Chickens Araucana chickens lay the most lovely, deepest blue eggs around. When two copies of the gene are passed there is a high death rate. However, the taste of the eggs is the same as others and some find them healthy due to … Meat Production of Araucana Chickens. The Araucana however has earmuffs and is rumpless, whereas the Ameraucana has a tail and is muffed and bearded. This averages to around 150 eggs each year. They mature more quickly than most chickens, but will usually reach a maximum size of around 4-5 pounds. Sometimes you might have to wait up to seven months … That’s right, Araucana chickens do indeed lay psychedelic blue eggs. At the age of 50% egg production, Araucana had the highest live body weight (1408.25 ±19.25 g), and Leghorns – the lowest (1297.45 ±10.25 g) (p<0.05). Warren. We process orders as we receive them so place your order as soon as you can to improve your place in line. These breeds will lay a gorgeous egg every day in their first year, 5-7 per week in their second year, and 3-5 eggs per week in their third year. Because a hen’s reproductive system is sensitive to light exposure, eventually the hen will lay too late in … Araucana Characteristics Temperament / Are they good as pets? The Araucana is a hybrid of two South American breeds: the Collonca (a naturally blue-egg laying, rumpless, clean-faced chicken) and the Quetro (a pinkish-brown egg layer that is tailed and has ear-tufts). Araucana owners describe their chickens as friendly, non-aggressive, and good toward chickens and children alike. There are several different color variants of the Ameraucana chicken. The typical Ameraucana chicken lays about 150 eggs per year. These remarkable birds will be the highlight of your flock for years to come. Ameraucanas are cold hardy due to their pea comb and small or absent wattles. Our hens quit laying in December. Schijndelaars attained last the age of economic maturity: 171 and 205 days of age for 20% and 50% egg production, respectively. The Ameraucana is a much-sought-after chicken for backyard chicken owners. Mind Expanding Blue Eggs. If a chicken produces other colors of eggs, it is not a purebred Ameraucana chicken. That’s right, Araucana chickens do indeed lay psychedelic blue eggs. The chicken breeds listed below are the best chickens for egg production. Araucanas were added to the Standard of Perfection with the American Poultry Association in 1976. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. In 1976 the Araucana with ear-tufts and rumpless was standardized and 1984 the Ameraucana(bearded, tailed and muffed) was standardized … Pekin Bantams . The blue-green egg is coloredright through the shell so that even the inside is just as blue as the outside. The reasons for this laying schedule relate to the hen reproductive system. Oct 8, 2013 - Lavender Araucana hatching eggs for sale. That being said, as we are about to detail, they are great to make a very good egg source. 20-24 weeks and the hens will lay throughout winter . Color. Mind Expanding Blue Eggs. The Araucana is a hybrid of two South American breeds: the Collonca (a naturally blue-egg laying, rumpless, clean-faced chicken) and the Quetro (a pinkish-brown egg layer that is tailed and has ear-tufts). (You can tell of an Araucana egg is truly a blue egg by looking at the interior of the shell.) Blue or Green eggs . Well, at least for those who want eggs regularly. While some people think that the Araucanachicken and the Ameraucana chicken are the same breed and that they are nicknamed the “Easter Egg Chicken” or “Easter Eggers,” these are three different kinds of birds. Araucana Chickens and Egg Laying. There are five different color variations accepted into the Standard … They do not really like it. It sure is – in fact, the Ameraucana chicken breed is most often chosen by backyard chicken producers because of its unique egg-laying abilities. Araucana Temperament. This comes out to somewhere around 200 eggs a year – a very good amount for a small family! The characteristics to meet the APA Standard for a true Ameraucana are … The best economic maturity was expectedly established in White Leghorns: 128 days of age (20% egg production) and 135 days of age (50% egg production). These colourful girls are avant garde artists when it comes to egg laying. Availability: Standard Straight-Run Chicks & Hatching Eggs APA Classification: All Other Standard Breeds Average Size: 5.5lbs.- Hens & 6.5lbs.- Cocks Plumage: Hens have an off-white/cream under coat with golden tones on top. Most eggs are white or brown, although some breeds like the Araucana, lay a bluish-green egg, and some like the Ancona, lay a pink egg. The breed we see now was developed in 1970's. The Colloncas laid blue eggs and were rumpless – no tail feathers and no tailbone. Our blue egg laying hybrid. Araucana. The Ameraucana is an excellent chicken bred for egg-laying purposes. Unlike some of the other more ‘unique’ breeds, you don’t really need to do anything extra to look after your chickens. The Araucana egg shell colour is blue and most hens eggs are white or brown. At the height of the years where the chicken will be laying the egg, you would be lucky to get more than 5 eggs from your hen each week. When do they start laying eggs? 200 eggs per year. The Araucana lays around 250 blue eggs per year. Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. In a previous study of ours (Lukanov, unpublished data) estimated hen-day egg production in the Schijndelaar breed was 140.5 eggs, comparable to the present predicted yield. See below for more information and breed history. The Araucana however has earmuffs and is rumpless, whereas the Ameraucana has a tail and is muffed and bearded. Bantam Araucanas lay amazingly large eggs. The ones that you are most likely to encounter will have black plumage and blue legs and feet. The Quetros had tufted ears, pea comb, full tail and laid brown eggs.. Outside of a few exceptions, these chickens are fine integrating with other chickens. Araucana Temperament. The purpose of each type is pretty obvious: Egg Laying Chicken Breeds. It is often considered as a dual purpose chicken breed which is suitable for both eggs production and for meat. Disclosure. This averages to around 150 eggs each year. 12. Their earlobes are small and round, wattles small or absent, earlobes, comb and wattles are all red. If you are the type of person that loves to stroke their chickens or play with them, then this is probably not the chicken for you. Yes. The blue coloring of the shell is both inside and out. It sure is – in fact, the Ameraucana chicken breed is most often chosen by backyard chicken producers because of its unique egg-laying abilities. A hen’s body begins forming an egg shortly after the previous egg is laid, and it takes 26 hours for an egg to form fully. It is one of the oldest breeds of French chickens, formed by the selection of local chicken populations. Araucanas that meet the breed standard are rumpless and tufted, however they are exceptionally difficult to breed because the tufted gene can cause a high percentage of the chicks to die in their shells. If you raise chickens mainly for their egg production, then yes,the Araucana chickens are a very good choice. Egg Production – 180-200 eggs per year (*estimates only, see FAQ) Egg Size: Medium-Large; Temperament: Active/Flighty; Gender Accuracy: 75-80%; Fertility Percentage: 65-80%; Broody: Non Setter; Mating Ratio: 12 Females to 1 Male; Roost Height: 4+ feet; Country of Origin -United States; APA: Yes, Recognized by the American Standard of Perfection in 1984. Egg production (annual): 170-200 : Egg color: Blue or Green : Egg size: Medium : Comb type: pea : Characteristics Of The Araucana Chicken. They are all blue. The Araucana is actually a combination of Colloncas and Quetros chickens of Chile – the first chicken inhabitants of the continent. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to These original Araucanas still resemble our Araucana today by having no tail, possessing ear tufts, and laying a blue egg. Rated 4.95 out of 5. It's a rare breed with much controversy and numerous challenges. They mature more quickly than most chickens, but will usually reach a maximum size of around 4-5 pounds. The Collonca male and female are very similar, with very few secondary sexual characteristics like comb, wattles or tail coverts to distinguish them. Chicken Housing and Equipment. A hen can lay only one egg in a day and will have some days when it does not lay an egg at all. Below is a video of a broody Araucana hen trying to hatch a golf ball. They are pretty hardy birds, even the chicks can survive harsh winters. I’ve tried to state these in such a way that you can calculate the value to yourself, without getting tied up in accounting concepts. The Araucana has facial features that are thick; they only have a small crest on their heads. Ameraucana chickens will lay 3-4 blue shelled eggs each week. They are easy to breed, and you do not have to worry about any genetic issues with the breed (this was a major issue in the past with the Araucanas). Speckled. The Araucana egg production will be low during winters but it will regain during the start of Spring. See more ideas about hatching eggs for sale, blue eggs, hatching eggs. Often these birds don’t hatch so your hatch rates would be significantly lower whe… The actual economics of your home egg production will depend on a number of variables. It was developed for both its meat and eggs. Broodiness: Do Araucana hens want to hatch their eggs? Edges of their wings and tail feathers can have blue/slate or black edging, helping to indicate which color variety they are. If you are not too fussed about egg production, then you will find that the Ameraucana chicken is an easy to raise chicken. The different colored chicken eggs of the Araucana chicken are highly desirable! While it’s not a prolific layer, producing only about three to four medium-sized eggs each week, this chicken is prized most for the color of its eggs. It really is a beautiful chicken to look at, and you will often find it dominating chicken shows around the globe. The only thing that could probably stand in your way is the fact that these chickens are really tough to find, and if you can find a source for them, the chicks are going to be quite expensive. Very hardy, friendly and productive. La Bresse chicken breed . It was developed in France in the town of Marans in the mid 1800s. ↓ Skip to Main Content. However, you will surely have between 200 – 300 eggs per year, making the Ameraucana one of the best chickens for eggs. They are very reliable at sitting on and hatching their eggs, and they are excellent mothers. These originated in Chile. Its name Ameraucana comes from the words ‘American’ and ‘Araucana’ which is the other chicken breed that lay blue eggs. Production per year . Heavier than most, very friendly and good egg production . 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Surprise! Medium sized eggs. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Egg Production. These chickens are intended for egg production. In Europe, the Ameraucana is simply a variant of the Araucana. They do taste the same as any other chicken egg, but the blue color of the egg really does pop out. The Ameraucana chicken comes in eight color varieties that are recognized in the American Standard of Perfection. Araucana, the age at 20% egg production was better for evaluation of economic maturity. In 1933 Reginald Punnett showed that the blue egg ("oocyan") gene in chickens is dominant with respect to white, while in combination with genes for brown eggs, various shades of green and olive are produced. The Ameraucana is an american breed popularized by its production of blue eggs. This is because they can’t regulate their heat all that well. Ameraucana chicken breed. The egg production rate may not be a significant one, but due to the low cholesterol content in eggs, they are usually sold at a higher price. Some people actually eat these birds. We think that there is simply not enough meat on them. There are many color varieties of this breed. They are quite brave, and some people have stated that the chicken is quite polite. Most modern chicken breeds descend from the line of Roman chickens bred with commercial intents such as early egg production and size for meat. It is tough to find a rooster over 6.6lbs in weight and a hen over 5.5lbs. Overall she is a good layer and will usually produce three medium/large blue eggs each week. The Ameraucana started to appear in the 1970s. However, this does not mean that they will necessarily enjoy being around you. Eggs laid per year and color. Because the Araucana developed outside these strictly controlled Roman breeding programs, you will notice a certain alluring wild intelligence to this bird. The Ameraucana is a medium size bird. Is the Ameraucana Chicken Good For Egg Production? Ameraucanas were derived from another blue egg layer called the Araucana, a breed that originally came from Chile. Ameraucana Eggs and Egg-Laying. This means that if you are going to be getting some Ameraucana as your backyard chickens, then they are not going to be making a very good meat source. Hens produced from these pairings are hybrids that will produce olive green eggs. Araucanas are an old breed that originated in Chile. The colour of eggshells is caused by the breed of the hen that lays the egg. Araucana chickens weren’t raised in super cold weather, although the mountains of the Andes can get cold at times. Egg color can vary from a robins’ blue egg to a light green. The fact that the Araucana lays blue eggs made it a fascinating project chicken to try and improve their overall viability. It is caused by a pigmentation that is produced within the chicken. As low as: $ 7.90 Add to cart; Easter Egger™ Chicken. Egg color can vary from a robins’ blue egg to a light green. Araucanas lay blue eggs, and on average they lay 260 eggs annually. Araucana chickens are used for blue egg production. The Ameraucana is one of the few chicken breeds to lay blue eggs, another being the Cream Legbar, which also have an Araucana influence. Egg Production. Although it’s not entirely clear as to which of the… The name “Easter Egger” is given to all the hybrid chickens in America with the blue … Easter Eggers. The Ameraucana breed of chicken was first bred using a type of blue- or green-tinted egg-laying chicken called the Araucana, so the Ameraucana is commonly confused with the Araucana breed.

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