See more ideas about plants, aloe, succulents. It forms a woody trunk that branches as it gains height and is greyish brown and rough to touch. This plant is sensitive to frost and should be protected in the first few years. Returns policy. Discover (and save!) The branches bear rosettes of deeply channeled, recurved dark green leaves which are sheathed at the base. Sep 3, 2019 - Aloe barberae plants. In late winter, the rose-pink flowers in a tight inflorescence rise above the foliage. Gauteng Stockists. Limpopo Stockists. At its mature height of 30 feet, with its leafy rosettes erupting with rose-pink flowers in the winter, tree aloe is a stunning addition to the succulent garden. In Africa they are known to grow up to 18m. Reaches a height of 15 metres . Van Balen's Aloe . The stems branch out carrying rosettes of 3'-3' grey-green fleshy leaves. I’ve seen articles with titles like “40 ways to use aloe vera,” “20 ways to use aloe vera,” and so on. This giant of the aloe tribe is a thick-trunked, dichotomously branching tree to 30-60 feet with advanced age. Aloaceae. Aloidendron barberae 250-litre. Specifications . Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Aloe Barberae Seeds Tree - aloe tree, giant baby of africa - 5 Fresh Seeds at the best online prices at eBay! Like most succulents, aloe barberae does not do well in areas that retain a great deal of moisture. This tree-size aloe eventually develops massive trunks and branches; when planted in the ground it can reach 20-30 ft. tall. In fact they require little care, especially when planted out-of-doors. Aloe barberae (aka bainsii-Giant Tree Aloe)- this is the big daddy of them all. your own Pins on Pinterest Jul 30, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Jennifer Champagne. This slow-growing tree can reach up to 60′ feet, producing a thick stem eventually reaching 3′ feet in diameter. The young trees can be grown in pots for quite a long while, and are an interesting plant to have on your patio or balconey. Mpumalanga Stockists Family. Aloe barberae is a solitary much branched aloe that can grow up to 18 m tall, it is South Africas largest tree aloe. The plants were selected as seedlings by Don Newcomer of Serra Gardens, who had these two plants situated together in his garden in Malibu Canyon. Aloe bainesii also known as Aloe barberae, is a large, tall tree aloe native to southern Africa. Aloe barberae is the perfect tree to grow poolside in frost-free climates: it is nearly mess-free. Planted in the ground in 2011-05. In habitat, this drought-resistant succulent can reach 50 feet tall and 3 feet trunk diameter, making Aloe bainesii/Aloe barberae Africa's largest aloe. SAP BENEATH THE SKIN IS AN IRRITANT. A beautiful, hardy, indigenous winter bloomer which thrives in full fun. Also known as Aloe barberae. Aloe bainesii Very slow growing tree-like aloe Height 20-30' Frost tender Full sun Succulent leaves in rosettes up to 4 feet typically bloom in shades of pink in winter. 13. Aloidendron barberae Tree Aloe / Boomalwyn Aloidendron barberae 500-litre. your own Pins on Pinterest The branching is forked or dichotomous and eventually forms a spreading, rounded crown. Giant Tree Aloe (more than two stories high) growing in Orange County backyard with no watering or care beyond typical rainfall for the past 25 years. The bark of the tree-trunks is geyish-brown and rough to the touch. Position Aloe barberae in an area of full sun, with well draining soils. Aloe Crassula Cussonia Dasylirion Doryanthes Dracaena Echeveria Fascicularia Kalanchoe Neoregelia Nidularium Nolina Sedum Senecio Strelitzia Yucca Full Sun Partial Sun Shade Arid / Free Draining Frost Hardy Light Frost Warm / Frost Free Suits Coastal Wind Tolerant Wind Protection.   14 of 14. Subtotal : R 0.00. This plant is ready to be replanted into a bigger pot or the ground. Aloe barberae is easy to grow as long as it is planted in full sun and very well-drained soil. Aloe barberae (Tree Aloe) - A large succulent that grows into a tree 30 feet tall or more with upright-growing thick mottled gray stems. View Cart Check Out. Aloe barberae--image taken at Grigsby Cactus Nursery. The leaves are arranged in a dense rosette, they are long, narrow, deeply channelled and curved. Discover (and save!) The terminal branches hold rosettes of recurved, dark green leaves. Aloe mites had attacked the plant and I was blaming its fate on them. Plant Common Name. This architectural plant is an interesting talking point and will be a feature in any garden. should i wait and see what happens the new growth looks discolored and not like the other pics i see on the internet of aloe B It would be wise not to plant this tree too close to permanent structures, pools or paving. Trees for Sale; Purchase a Gift Voucher ; Testimonials. It is easy to grow, simply requiring well-draining soil and full sun (can tolerate partial shade). The Aloe barberae var. Items : 0. The species was formerly known as Aloe bainesii, but the name barberae was found to have priority in 1994. This “tree aloe” is often cross-bred with aloe dichotoma to produce a popular hybrid called “Aloe X Hercules”. Dec 5, 2016 - 2015-12 This plant was bought from Succulent Tissue Culture (2008-08). The leaves recurve, are dark green and deeply channelled. A cross between the large Tree Aloe, Aloe barberae (A. bainesii) (Aloe barberae) Succulent shrub slow growing eventually reaching up to 20'-30' tall and wide with a heavy trunk. I have 7 ways I use it on a fairly regular basis. Bainesii is often cultivated for use as an ornamental plant. Returns & refunds We will gladly assist with returns and exchanges of this product in accordance with our returns and exchanges policy. Flowers vary in color from orange to rose-pink and occur on branched stems above leaves. In the wild it is an impressive tree, but in captivity, where it can be well watered and fertilized, it can grow into a magnificent giant. Arranged in a dense rosette, the leaves are long, narrow, deeply channelled, curved and adorned with toothed margins. The top of the woody stem produces a rosette of leaves, forming a dense crown. Aloe barberae is a tree Aloe and in its native environment it can grow upto 18m high, however nothing like this in our cool climate. I planted an aloe barberae 2 moths ago it was really discolored and and now looks kinda worse i put in new fertilizer and some gravel to help for drainage. The flowers range from salmon pink to orange. Aloe barberae Dyer 1874. Easy care; A fantastic tree Aloe that forms a well branched tree with smooth greyish bark Leaves are deeply channelled with whitish teeth on the margins. Prefers full sun moderate to little water when established tender to frost. close up of December flower. Aloidendron barberae 500-litre. Long, curved leaves are fleshy and bunched at the ends of branches. Be sure to check out this roundup of Aloe Vera Care Guides. The leaf surface is dark green with a toothed margin. Prone to mealy bug, too, if grown in any shade. In time this tree aloe has stunning orange to salmon flowers. Lifestyle Home Garden – Randburg. The tree can tolerate drought, but will grow faster if watered moderately during dry spells. Mozambique, South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal), Swaziland. Aloe barberae can grow to a height of 6 metres with a width of 4 metres. It forms a sculptural focal point in the garden. Africa’s tallest aloe, forming branches, with orange spikes as flowers. Care and Maintenance; Mark A. Miller . Aloe Barberae. Aloe Barberae, Africa's largest aloe, has a neat, rounded crown, grey, smooth bark and dense rosettes of leaves. Nice large ones in Pasadena California Huntington Gardens fall. The plant looked large and stout so the name Goliath seemed a natural name. A spectacular silhouette in the landscape, Aloidendron barberae (Tree Aloe) is a large, fast-growing, evergreen tree-like aloe adorned with a gray, smooth trunk and a rounded, neat crown of fleshy, deep green, recurved leaves. Use as an accent plant The leaves are succulent with dark and light green stripes and a toothed margin. large tree full of flowers very end of December, Huntington Gardens, Southern California . Special Notice. Update #3: Aloe, good-bye (Original post: Exotic plant, exotic pest) It’s been almost a year since I mentioned that my specimen Aloe barberae (aka A. bainesii) was in serious decline. This plant is hardy and can tolerate dry periods. Adult aloes have a stout trunk, up to 3m in dimeter, with branches that are dichotomous. It can grow up to 20m in height. General Description. Aloe 'Goliath' is believed to have originated as a garden cross of the large South African tree aloe, Aloe barberae (A. bainesii), and Aloe vaombe from Madagascar. The plant will branch out over time with attractive rosettes on each branch. Botanical Name. The correct scientific name is Aloidendron barberae, formerly known as Aloe b Aloe Barberae Care Size and Growth. The genus Aloe contains around 300 species of succulent plants grown for both their exquisite flowers and fleshy foliage. Fantastic choice for xeriscaping (drought tolerant landscaping and rockeries). The strange trees with their fleshy appendages can usually survive a great deal of neglect. Jun 28, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Jason. Aloidendron barberae 4500-litre. Water Aloe barberae regularly until established. ALOE barberae. As specimens age they develop a massive stem base - note picture three above. The Tree aloe may be the perfect centerpiece for a rock garden, raised planter or focal element on a garden slope. From southeastern Africa. This entry has yet to be reviewed and approved by L2G editors. Its trunk and branches are gray, forking eventually forming a spreading, rounded crown. Aloe barberae itself grows over 50 feet tall, features rose-pink flowers with green tips and can be used to support your health in a number of different ways. Aloe bainesii (Tree Aloe) Largest of the tree aloes. Greener Tidings – Polokwane. Originating from the coastal central Africa region and South Africa, this Tree Aloe Hybrid or Aloe Hercules offers impressive looks to go with its superior drought tolerance and versatility. Aloe barberae is one of the more sensitive aloes to Aloe mite, and often large tumor-like masses can be seen high up in the trees, though it does not seem to affect the over all health of the plant much. Tree Care Guide; Tree information; Tree Specials; Costs. Flowers bloom in rose pink spikes on stems 2' above the foliage. It is not very frost hardy, but will tolerate light frost if planted in a sheltered sport and protected for the first few years. Aloidendron barberae is Africa's largest aloe reaching up to 15 m in height and 0.9 m in stem diameter. Free shipping for many products! It is the perfect accent plant for a sunny garden. Fast growing for a tree aloe, especially when given regular water. Testimonials; Our Clients; Contact; 0. Very drought tolerant but loves water and will grow faster them ore water its given. Flowers are usually pink. Few succulents of any sort attain the massive width or height of this species.

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