Use the links below. Use the Bernoulli effect to explain why. Questions organised by topic, past papers & mark schemes. How much work is required to raise the temperature of 6 mol of air by 9 degrees C in an adiabatic process? Light is reflected from a glass coffee table. Distinguish between atomic physics and nuclear physics. Beneath material 2 is material 3 with an index of refraction n3. The mark schemes are at the end! Explain the difference between a mold and a cast. An air compressor operates at steady state with air entering at 101 kPa and 20°C, and exiting at 500 kPa. The pressure at point A is 66 kPa . Determine the change in width a, height b, thickness t when a plate is subjected to the uniform distributed load and is made of material having modulus of elasticity E=230 GPa and Poisson's ratio \... A beam of polarized light has an average intensity of 19 W/m^{2} and is sent through a polarizer. A point charge q_1 = 3.40 nC is located on the x-axis at x = 2.30 m , and a second point charge q_2 = -6.00 nC is on the y-axis at y = 1.15 m. A) What is the total electric flux due to these two p... What is the driving force for (a) heat transfer, (b) electric current, and (c) fluid flow? The spheres are given the same electric charge, an. What is the change in volu... Argon is adiabatically compressed from an initial volume of 16 liters to a final volume of 2 liters. (a) Determine the magnitude of the crate's velocity when t =... Three polarizing filters are stacked with the polarizing axes of the second and third at 35 degrees and 80 degrees (both front/clockwise), with respect to the first. (b) Compare it to atmospheric pressure (1.0 x 10^5 N/m^2). Your goal is to have the roc... At what angle above the horizontal is the sun, if sunlight reflected from the surface of a calm lake is completely polarized? If the reflected ray is completely polarized when the angle of... Seurat made paintings in which separate dots of color are placed close together on the canvas, and from a distance they merge in the eye to form an image. It is then cooled at constant pressure to its original temperature... A mass of 2.4 kg of air 170 kPa and 25 ^oC is contained in a gas - tight, frictionless piston - cylinder device. Two polarizers are oriented at 45 degrees to one another. The 15 kg block A and 23 kg cylinder B are connected by a light cord that passes over a 5 kg pulley (disk). New Content Added - 20th May 2018 Below are some new content packs for you to revise and practice on. 6. if you grew up o... in the figure, a light ray is air is incident in a flat layer of material 2 that has an index of refraction n2=3.0. If its end A is raised vertically at a constant speed v, express in terms of the length y of chain which is off the floor at any given in... A car stops 4 seconds after the application of the brakes while covering a rectilinear stretch 337 feet long. During the process, the pressure and specific volume ar... Give a specific example of a process that has the energy changes and transfers Delta E_th < 0, Q = 0. If 7850 J are released b... A horizontal 6.0 mW laser beam that is vertically polarized is incident on a polarizing sheet that is oriented with its transmission axis vertical. Initially, its temperature is 5 degrees C and its pressure is 1.2 atm. A pencil case is dropped vertically from a height at rest and hits the ground 0.5 seconds later. (a) What is the bulk modulus of the material... Two polarizers are oriented at 70 degree to one another. The rod moves with speed v = 7.00 m/s in the direction... An ideal gas is brought through an isothermal compression process. The other wire is vertical with the current directed upward. The angle between the axes of the first and second polarize is 17.7�, and the angle between the axes of th... What is the magnitude of the acceleration vector which causes a particle to move from velocity -5i-2j m/s to -6i+7j m/s in 8 seconds. The tank is on locked wheels, initially stationary. In a stack of three polarizing sheets the first and third are crossed while the middle one has its axis at 30 degrees to the axes of the first one. (A... What is the power of the eye when viewing an object 61.0 cm away? Is it possible in theory to cut an object in half until it ceases to exist? Unpolarized light with intensity I0 is incident on the 1st polarizer. The 2.00 moles of gas go from having an initial volume of 218.7 cm3 to 139.4 cm3. Get. Practice: Forces on inclined planes questions. 1) If a particle moves along a curve with a constant speed, then its tangential component of acceleration i... Name and describe the two branches of fluid mechanics used in physics. In a church choir loft, two parallel walls are 5.30 m apart. Which branch of science includes the study of magnetism? \rightarrow_2^4 \alpha. Which of the following sets of equations represent possible two-dimensional incompressible flow cases? Distinguish the difference between atomic physics and nuclear physics. W/m^2 (b) If the analyzer is set... 4.30 g of nitrogen gas at 21.0 degree Celsius and an initial pressure of 3.00 atm undergo an isobaric expansion until the volume has tripled. Calculate the rms voltages between the following points. Why are general relativity and quantum mechanics incompatible? Browse through all study tools. The coefficients of friction between the floor... You have a mass of 71 kg and are on a 51-degree slope hanging on to a cord with a breaking strength of 165 N. (a) What must be the coefficient of static friction between you and the surface for you... A rope 26 ft long is attached to two points A and B, 20 ft apart at the same level. The axis of the first filter makes an angle of 40 degrees with the vertical, and the axis of the second filter is horizon... A 400 g model rocket is on a cart that is rolling to the right at a speed of 2.0 m/s. Then... Unpolarized light whose intensity is 1.30 \;W/m^2 is incident on the polarizer in the figure. (b) What is the change... An ideal monatomic gas expands adiabatically from an initial temperature of 388 K and volume of 4.3 m^3 to a final volume of 10 m^3. What is the densest substance in the universe? Consider a point P at a distance R = 10.5 cm on the perpendicular bisector of a straight wire of length 35.0 cm carrying a current of 75.0 mA. To force more current into the outer sheath, To provide additional current paths through the cables, To increase the mechanical strength of the cables, Uniform electric and magnetic fields which are perpendicular. The Froude... Water flows over a flat surface at 5 ft/s. The gas is initially at a temperature of 300 K. An electric heater adds 43200 J of ene... What is the near point, in centimeters, of a person whose eyes have an accommodated power of 54.5 D ? Describe the "big splash" theory of the moon's origin? A sailboat runs before the wind with a constant speed of 4.0 m/s in a direction 36 degrees north of west. What were Chien-Shiung Wu's major accomplishments? AQA A level Physics Worksheets, exam style questions. A gas expands from an initial volume of 0.040 m3 and an initial pressure of 210 kPa to a final volume of 0.065 m3 while its temperature is kept constant. All rights reserved. Air is first compressed adiabatically from 100 kPa and 300 K to 1500 kPa and a specific volume of 0.1 m3/kg. The rocket engine, when it is fired, exerts a 8.0 N vertical thrust on the rocket. A rocket is fired from rest at x = 0 and travels along a parabolic trajectory described by y^2=[140(10^3)x]m. If the x component of acceleration is ax=(15t^2)m/s^2, where t is in seconds, determine... Two polarizers are oriented at 55 degrees to one another. The airspace between the plates is partially filled by two d = 1mm thick d. Consider the Universe to be an adiabatic expansion of atomic hydrogen gas. The first filter is oriented 30 degrees from the vertical while the second filter is oriented... An ideal gas is brought through an isothermal compression process. The 53.5 N force is applied at ? A Level Physics Flashcards Tags: A Level Exams , A Level Physics , Entrance Exams Revise for your A Level Physics exam and pass with flying colors with the … (a) What is the intensity of the light leaving the polarizer? A monatomic ideal gas that is initially at a pressure of 1.40 x 10^5 Pa and with a volume of 0.0780 m^3 is compressed adiabatically to a volume of 0.0400 m^3. Why should you keep your windows open under these conditions? When did Sally Ride become the first woman in space? (A) What is the final volume? Inclined plane force components. r(t) equals e^t(cost i + sint j + 7t k). How did Stephen Hawking live so long with ALS? The volume of the container is 15.0 liters, and the temperature of the gas is 21.7 degrees C. We compress the gas adiabatically to 13.1... A square parallel plate capacitor with plate area A = 100cm2 has plate separation d = 3mm. A 3.0 g sample of an ideal monatomic gas is initially at 350 K and 3.2 atm. What elements make up the earth's mantle? Consider air to be a mixture of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. AS & A-Levels from 2015. 4. t... Is quantum mechanics to physics what molecular biology is to biology? A second toroidal solenoid with N_2 turns is wound uniformly on top of the first, so that the tw... Unpolarized light of intensity S0 passes through two sheets of polarizing material whose transmission axes make an angle of 60 degrees with each other as shown in the figure. Find the... What are washers, nuts, and bolts made of? The disk is rolled to the left until the spring is compressed 0.5 m and released from rest. The velocities of commuter trains A and B are as shown. How much work is done on the gas? What fraction of the light intensity is transmitted? Unpolarized light of intensity I_0 = 750 W/m^2 is incident upon two polarizers. The first sheet has its transmission axis oriented at 0 degrees. The rod OA rotates counterclockwise with a constant angular velocity of 5 rad/s. A gymnast lands at the center of this beam with a 1.5 kN force. First created in 2000 and updated in 2013, 2015 & 2020. Some of the branches of physics that you will study in this course investigate motion, the properties of materials, sound, light, electricity and magnetism, properties of atoms, and nuclear reactio... Give some examples of applications, that resulted from work done by physicists. They build small-scale replicas. If 1.870 �. This is the currently selected item. The singers stand against the north wall. This wave is directed towards two ideal polarizers (in real polarizers, transmission is also effected by reflection a... A monatomic ideal gas that is initially at a pressure of 1.53x10^5Pa and with a volume of 8.10x10^-2m^3 is compressed adiabatically to a volume of 3.9x10^-2m^3. The severity index (SI), a measure of the likelihood of injury, is defined as SI = a^{5/2}t,... Q: 1/20 mole of N2 expands isothermally to three times the initial volume. Let the x axis point due east and the y axis point due north. A ladder 9.00 m long leans against the side of a building. Find the net work done on the gas. The intensity of the light that reaches the photocell in the figure below is 107.9 W/m 2 , when ? What percentage of the initial intensity is tr... A toroidal solenoid with mean radius r and cross-sectional area A is wound uniformly with N_1 turns. Assume that the gas may be treated as ideal.... How much work is done on 4.63 x 10^3 moles of a gas during a process in which the temperature remains constant at 215 degree Celsius and the volume changes from 3.13 m^3 to 6.2 m^3? Assuming the air undergoes an isentropic process with an isentropic index of n=1.4. The syllabus includes the main theoretical concepts which are fundamental to the subject, a section on some current applications of physics, and a strong emphasis on […] As energy is added to the system by heat (say, by absorption from the Sun), the volume increases by 25% at a constant temperature of 33.0 deg... 70 J of work are done on the gas in the process shown in the figure. a) A high school football game b) Food preparation for the prom c) Playing in the school band d) Lightning in... A 4-cylinder 2.4 L SI engine operates at 3200 rpm at WOT. 4 kg of CO2 are contained in a piston-cylinder system. Obtain examples from advertisements, print media, radio, and television that illustrate meanings for these terms... What is the best physics book for a common reader which includes all the topics? Two pin-connected slider blocks located at B move freely on OA and the curved "limacon" rod described by r=100(2-co... A beam of polarized light has an average intensity of 12 W/m^{2 and is sent through a polarizer. Determine the initial and final intern... Unpolarized light with an intensity of <34> units is passed through two successive polarizing filters, the first with its polarization axis aligned with the vertical and the second with its polariz... Pressure p, volume V and temperature T for a certain material are related by p = A(T/V) - B (T^2/V) where A and B are constants with values 389J/k and 0.223 J/k^2. Which of the following is true about light with a single wavelength? By what factor do the following quantities change? has answers to your toughest physics homework questions with detailed, step by step explanations. Determine the final temperature and the work done by the gas when 3 kJ of heat are added to the gas a. isothermally, b. i... Three pound mass of water at 250 psia and 600 degree Fahrenheit is cooled at constant volume to 100 degree Fahrenheit. What is the transmitted intensity (%)? PC Mobile device Hub Description. Is creationism validated through the lack of natural explanations for scientific laws? It is an Isothermal Process so Ti=Tf. When the object momentarily stops, what is its acceleration (i... Light is incident from air onto a material. In this case, you made a mistake. The volume of a gas is halved during an adiabatic compression that increases the pressure by a factor of 2.5. Is there any website to download the solutions? Oxygen undergoes an isentropic expansion from 120 deg C and 280 kPa absolute to 140 kPa absolute. Unpolarized light with intensity I_o is incident on two polarizing filters. A vertically polarized light that has an intensity of 430 W/m^2 is incident on two polarizing filters. The wires are separated by a distance a = 1.80 m. (a) What are the magnitu... Total solidification times of three casting geometries are to be compared: a sphere, a cylinder, in which the length-to-diameter ration - 1.0, and a cube. A flow of water, Q=30 ft3/s, goes into a tank (empty mass me=10 lbm ) of cross-sectional area At=4 ft2. 2 Table of Contents Find an equation for... At time t=0 , a particle is located at the point (7,4,3) . What would be the pressure increase inside your automobile's engine block if the water in it froze? What is that angle? An ideal gas is brought through an isothermal compression process. If physics A-level had 13 questions and was entirely multiple choice, that is. 1. What fraction of the light intensity is transmitted? View The Resource. This is for those preparing for the A-level Physics examination. Explain the logic of what the beta decay # will be? Is the above statement true or false? AQA A Level Physics revision resources. This question is about measuring the acceleration of free fall . 3. the phenomen that waves bend around the edges of an obstacle. So that she can see the choir... Tornadoes and hurricanes often lift the roofs of houses. One wire lies horizontally with the current directed toward the east. Answer in m/s. Please explain and show steps and round to 2 s... Whater at 70 kPa and 100C is compressed isoentropically in a closed system to 4 MPa. The gas is then compressed adiabatically to 1/3 this volume. Ice accelerating down an incline. How much work is required for the compression? A gymnastic beam can be modeled with a 10 cm x 40 cm cross-section and 6 m between its supports. The chip thickness before the cut = 0.30 mm, and the resulting chip thickness after the cut = 0.70 mm. = 32 ? The helium first expands at constant pressure until its volume has doubled. PHYSICS TOPIC BY TOPIC QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. The bar is hinged at the top and acts as a pendulum. There is a uniform magnetic field of 0.6 T pointing upward. (a) Calculate the change in internal energy? AS-Physics-Particles-Questions-AQA : Download AS-Physics-Particles-Answers-AQA : Download G495-Field-and-Particle-Pictures-Revision : Download Quantum Phenomena. The water is slowly heated. How does modern relativity modify the law of conservation of momentum? For the first time in 1729 AD, Pieter Van Musschenbroek used the term physics. She borrows a friend's glasses and finds that she can now focus on objects as far away as... Two parallel conducting wires sit along the direction of the z axis as shown below. Is astrophysics the physics of moving planets? It travels in a straight line to the point (2,3,8), has speed 5 at (9,9,4) and constant acceleration -7 i -6 j + 4 k . Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! Click on a link to a specific material. Acceleration = XXXX m/s ^2 **prior answer... 1. Suppose the object is a square steel plate, 10.0 cm on a side and 1.00 cm thick. Calculate the shear strain (in %)... A cylinder is initially filled with 1.2 kg of saturated water vapor at 200C, and then heated (and expands) in a reversible and isothermal manner until the pressure drops to 800 kPa. as shown in the figure below A pump draws off water through a narrow slit at a volume rate of 0.1 ft^3/s per foot length of the slit. This device volume is now altered until the press... Water at 103^oF & 20 psia fills a weighted piston-cylinder device. The index of refraction of a glass plate is 1.53. After passing through both polarizers the intensity is I_2 = 280 W/m^2. What are the different physics applications in the following sports: 1. baseball: 2. basketball: 3. bowling: 4. cycling: 5. golf: 6. gymnastics: 7. ice hockey 8. swimming. The tracks are connected through a 329.0 nF capacitor. The refrigerant is now heated... A beam of polarized light has an average intensity of 13 W/m^{2} and is sent through a polarizer. what is the stall speed if flaps that double are applied? The air is now heated until its pressure doubles. 2. the ray is incid... A specimen of oil having an initial volume of 580 cm^3 is subjected to a pressure increase of 4.0 MPa, and the volume is found to decrease by 0.40 cm^3. A centrifugal pump provides a flow rate of 500 GPM when operating at 1760 rpm against a 200 ft head. The 2.00 moles of gas go from having an initial volume of 249.5 cm^3 to 115.1 cm^3. b) What is the acceleration on Earth for each of these two components. What is the definition of physics? Force of friction keeping the block stationary. Questions are from AQA past papers , and are seriously hard. What is the largest value of x on the x-axis where the potential will be... For the instant shown the rod has a counterclockwise angular velocity of 3 radians per second. How to understand the applications involved in the Physics problems? F and 13 psia to a final pressure of 80 psia. What leads to such a phenomenon? We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. Members AC and BC are 3-cm diameter rods. the pressure at point A is 60 kPa. Determine the work and heat transfer for this process and the chan... A rocket is fired from rest at x = 0 and travels along a parabolic trajectory described by y2 = [110(103)x] m. If the x component of acceleration is ax = (14t2) m/s2, where t is in seconds, determi... Point A undergoes the cyclic process ABCA shown in the figure, where AB lies on an isotherm. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. An ideal gas is brought through an isothermal compression process. What is the final pressure? (a) What is the work done on the gas? One-half mole of helium is expanded adiabatically and quasi-statically from an initial pressure of 8.00 atm and temperature of 520 K to a final pressure of 1.00 atm. b) Zero at steady state. How is cosmology different from quantum physics? In terms of I0, what is the intensity of the light after passing through both polariz... What are the properties of superconductors? a) length, mass, time b) length, time velocity c) length mass, velocity d) mass, time, v... What is the role of atmospheric pressure in drawing of underground water by a hand pump? Calculate the work W done by the gas during process 5 to 6. The position of an object is given by x = bt^3, where x is in meters, t is in seconds, and where the constant b is 1.8 m/s^3. What power should her glasses be? The mixture is then heated until its temperature is 165 ? Unpolarized light with insenity S is incident on a series of polarizing sheets. Just imagine that it's windy outside and you forgot to close a window properly in the vicinity, while inadvertently letting a mild draught in. Determing (a) |Delta U (b) W. No heat is transferred, c_v=2.434 Btu/lb_... An ideal gas is under an initial pressure of 2.45*10^4 Pa. A frictionless piston-cylinder contains 50 L of saturated liquid R-134a. If the load P on the beam causes the end C to displaced 10 mm downward, determine the normal strain in wires CE and BD. Gas in a container is at a pressure of 3 atm and a volume of 6.3 m^3. When water freezes, it expands about 9.80%. What is the stall speed at sea level of an airplane that weights 10000 lbs., has a wing area of , and a maximum lift coefficient of 1.4? How much... A gas sample undergoes the cyclic process ABCA shown in the figure, where AB lies on an isotherm. No comments: Post a Comment. A balloon contains 4.00 moles of a monatomic ideal gas. Q1.€€€€€€€€€ A waiter holds a tray horizontally in one hand between fingers and thumb as shown in the diagram. B) How much heat? The difference in gravitational potential between two points at different heights above the Earth depends on the position of the points.

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